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Please be advised that the success stories depicted on this website are true, but they DO NOT guarantee your own success. As with any business results will vary from person to person. Your ability to create personal success will be a result of your own effort and willingness to apply yourself with solid work ethic.

To be successful in building your business with our company it will require an investment of time and financial resources. We recommend that all business partners be prepared to spend 20hrs or more per week in building a successful business with our success model. While the only legal commitment in terms of start up costs is $49.95 USD, some of our business partners also choose to set aside a small monthly advertising budget ($250 per month or more), while others choose to market their business for free using the social media marketing strategies that we teach. As an independent business owner, you would be making the marketing decisions with respect to your budget. We provide the training and the support to succeed, it is up to you to put forth the required effort.
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