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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I submit my online application?

Your information will not be sold or used for any other purpose.

You will be contacted by a friendly and professional member of our team who will guide you through our simple, no obligation introduction process to allow you to get more informed about this opportunity.

I do not have a large connection of business associates, friends or family, will this hinder my success?

No, our business model does not require you to speak to business associates, friends or family. Our training teaches you how to attract qualified leads. People will be calling you to buy our products and services. There is no cold calling required.

I have never been in business before, is this okay?

Yes, many of our business partners have never operated their own business before. We provide full training and support for all qualified applicants.

Will I have access to real people for training and support?

You will have direct access to a team of enthusiastic, real, live, living and breathing human beings that will pick up the phone and answer your questions or provide you with the required coaching or training you need to succeed. .

Is this a full time or part time commitment?

You can run this business either full time or part time. We recommend 20 hours or more per week is set aside to operate your business. Given that we trade in so many regions throughout the world, these hours can be outside of normal business hours in your region.

Do I require working capital for my business?

Yes. Any business requires working capital. As you will be operating your business from your home office, your overhead is very minimal. A good phone connection and computer is all that’s required. Some of our business partners also put aside a small monthly budget to advertise with, others choose to promote through the free online marketing methods we teach.

Are there franchise fees or area restrictions?

No. There are no franchise fees or area restrictions.

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